Thursday, May 19, 2011

Seeing Stripes

What do you get when you combine stripes and a drive in the mountain?
Nau-sea and nau-tical...........ya? Get it? I guess naut. (WHOA so clever with words today).
You also get come hither glances (the only other faces in my repertoire are awkward, constipated, and stock-model cheerful (ahem...all separate faces, although an awkward, constipated, AND cheerful expression sounds Vogue-worthy fo sho)), and some rocks that were probably the inspiration for the opening scene of the Lion King.  I should've mixed my Disney tales and broken out an Ariel-on-the-rock pose. I even have the red hair!
Shirt- Vintage Italian Naval tank, found in Florence, Skirt- Katwalk

Obviously, the next logical step is to take some pics eating pasta a la Lady and the Tramp. Someone get me some noodles and a man.

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